Through self-care I have overcome anxiety, paranoia and negative self-talk.

I have been relieved of the weight and was finally able to pursue my dreams.

Meet Caroline

Coach, Speaker, Mental Health Enthusiast

Caroline is an empowering and dynamic individual who has the ability to connect with others deeply.  With experience and training in coaching and HeartMath, she brings a powerful dynamic to her clients through compassion, clear communication, accountability and curiosity.  Her years of studying mental health and psychology show up in the insight she can provide to clients.  She embodies the concept of "turning pain into passion" as she continuously strives to provide her clients with a space for growth.


While some people need therapy, there are others that have limiting beliefs that do not require a clinician's assistance, but rather could benefit greatly from new habits to replace the ones that are hindering their life.  I've done the research for clients already: I know what has been shown in studies to actually create a shift and a change that can be profound and empowering.

I work with clients on a myriad of issues related to self-care, goals and knowledge of self.  We work on self-doubt, self-confidence, goal achievement and personal identity.  Self-discovery and personal growth are common goals that we strive towards.  Guiding them with encouragement, curiosity and acceptance, my clients are able to achieve an inner peace and self-knowledge that they didn't know before.