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Good Enough

A therapy group for anxious women with self-absorbed mothers

Image by Joice Kelly

Many women grow up without receiving the level of nurturance, protection and guidance that they need. When mothers are self-absorbed, their daughters are often left struggling with anxiety, depleted self-esteem and self-worth, perfectionism, a combo of all of these and more – ultimately, they feel not good enough. This group aims to help women share and process their emotions and experiences, as well as grow in acceptance, compassion and confidence in themselves.

Does this sound familiar?
Keep reading.

In this group, you will learn:

  • basic attachment theory information and ways you can create secure attachment with yourself

  • self-compassion and mindfulness skills to help you manage your anxiety and perfectionism

  • boundary setting skills so that you can own your voice and space

  • acceptance and reparenting skills to increase your sense of self-worth

Group of Women

Ready for the details?

Group meets Tuesdays at 4pm

90 minute sessions

$40/session or $300 upfront









Email Caroline at to schedule an intake assessment.

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