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Process Group

Who is this for

This group is specifically for individuals who are friends of Garrett and are struggling with processing recent events. 

Purpose of the group

To assist individuals with processing their grief, confusion or any other emotions related to recent events. Further, the therapist will provide psychoeducation and teach participants coping skills to help with their emotion. 

Details of the group

This group will be a closed group that will meet on a biweekly basis. The maximum amount of participants for this group will be 8 individuals. If there are more than 8 people who sign up for this group, the individuals will then be separated into two different groups that will meet separately. 

Group sessions will meet on a biweekly basis for a total of 8 sessions. The session fee will be $40 for each session and sessions will last 90 minutes. 


If you are interested in joining this group or getting more information, please email

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