Are you feeling lost or confused with what to do with your life?  Or maybe you are struggling to really understand yourself, how you are acting, and what you want?  If so, it's time to tap back into who you are at your core and discover your passions and direction.


The Know Thy Self Workbook is the introductory steps to reconnecting with your authentic self.  These are the activities that clients usually go through when they receive coaching from Caroline around the authentic self.  This is a self-paced workbook that adds value and insight into the person that is at your core.


Clients that have used the Know Thy Self workbook have found tremendous value in these pages!  Here are a few of their comments:


"I really appreciate the thought and care that went into this workbook.  It really allows you to tease out different nuances in your lifeand figure out how much of your day goes to the roles and vlues that are important to you." - Molly


"I think [the workbook] really address the basics to understanding what constitutes your foundation whether you are conscious or unconscious of it. I have done several exercises similar to ones in the book, but it’s so interesting how life isn’t a path, but a spiral- where we have to keep circling back and revisiting lessons for deeper truths. I will keep your workbook and do it again in a few months and see what I uncover the second go round." - Ashley

Know Thy Self Workbook

  • 8.5 x 11 pages

    Full Color

    32 pages total