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Caroline Lee

M.A., MFT-C, LPCC Therapist

I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate working in Colorado and offer both in person and telehealth options for my clients. I specialize in sex therapy and trauma therapy - areas that I am deeply passionate about. I have training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Emotion Focused Couples Therapy, and EMDR. I'm passionate about working with my clients where they are in their life and helping them create their absolute best life. 

You deserve the life you want.


We all have experiences in our life that leave a mark, and sometimes those marks are wounds that have not healed. Perhaps they are from childhood, past relationships, cultural messages, or marginalization and oppression. Unfortunately, while we all experience some kind of wound, we don't typically hear or learn about how we move through that pain and heal to come out on the other side to who we truly are.        

There is a life on the other side...

...and I can help.
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Free Consultations

It's incredibly important for there to be a good fit between therapist and client. I offer free consultations so that I can get to know what potential clients are needing and for the client to ask me questions and get a feel for how I show up in the therapeutic space. 

If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please email me directly at

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