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Coach, Speaker, Book Reviewer, Mental Health and

Self-Care Enthusiast

Caroline started her journey of self-discovery and mental health 18 years ago. After years of reviewing mental health related books for, she dove headfirst into coaching individuals, starting with HeartMath and later implementing her theory of the self.  She works with individuals on self-discovery, compassionate communication, and ultimately, pursuing their passions and life purpose.


Are you a parent struggling with self-confidence and find yourself stalled in the pursuit of your goals?  Maybe you are unable to articulate how you feel, what you need, and stand up for yourself.  Or are you blocking your own pursuit of your dreams by denying your inner power and essence?  Are you paralyzed by what others may think of you?  Maybe you're here looking for a way to connect with your authentic self.

It's Time For A Change

Having studied mental health and psychology for years, Caroline brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients. But more importantly, she has lived through traumatic experiences, chronic illness, and limiting beliefs.  After becoming a mom in 2011, Caroline became disconnected with her authentic self; she began struggling with anxiety, depression, and fear.  Her journey from that pit led her to coaching - encouraing and empowering other parents to connect with their true essence and find their inner voice. Her coaching skills and compassion help her clients push through their personal blocks, adjust their limiting beliefs and begin to recognize their authentic self.  Her approach to coaching is a combination of curiosity and explicit, compassionate and challenging, growth-oriented and empowering.

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